Get involved

Get involved, and be an example to others of what a caring citizen can do.If you would like to support the projects of Noi Orizonturi Familia, these are options you can choose from:

  • By directing 3.5% to a project. The 3.5% stipulation enables you to direct 3.5% of your income tax towards one of the projects of our association.(Declarația 230)
  • Donating to the accounts of Noi Orizonturi Familia Association. If you represent a company and would like to sponsor the programs/projects of Noi Orizonturi Familia Association, please contact us to work out the details of a sponsorship contract. (sample sponsorship contract)
  • Offering financial support on a regular basis. Monthly or quarterly donations enable us to devote more of our time to helping the socially disadvantaged individuals or those who face major health problems, by reducing the amount of time we invest in raising funds needed for carrying out projects of the association and covering administrative costs.
  • Having a donation box or promotional materials in your company/your work place. If you are interested in this option of collaboration please contact us to discuss about details and an appropriate collaboration contract.
  • If you would like to get involved as a volunteer in the association please send us an e-mail mentioning your name, contact information, your profession and how you could help with the projects of our association. We would like to ask that you let us know as well how much time you would like to invest as a volunteer (hours per day/week/month)
  • Donations of goods and services.
  • Discounts or free access to the services or products you provide.
  • By contributing to the support of one of our current projects. Choose one program which you find more interesting. We will keep you updated with how the program is carried out and how your donation changed the lives of the beneficiaries of that particular project.
  • By sponsoring scholarships for talented children from our projects who manifest a genuine interest in studying, but who are confronted with major financial obstacles.
  • By promoting the projects of the association by posting one of our banners on your web-site.
  • By promoting our projects among your friends and acquaintances.

Thank you for joining us! Together we can have a positive impact on the lives of many who face difficulties!

Donate 3,5%

Donate 20%