“Romania – Authentic Treasures”

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“Romania – Authentic Treasures” – a desktop quotebook that captures through each of its 366 pages a glimpse of Romania’s exceptional cultural and natural heritage.The photographs and quotes present the reader with picturesque places, scenic landscapes, and people maintaining authentic Romanian traditions and an invitation for the traveler on the road of life to an open dialogue within.

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Dear friends,

"Romania – Authentic Treasures" is a project from our team’s heart. Each of its 366 pages promote the beauty and unchanging human values of Romania in an ever changing modern world.
The photos were provided by exceptional Romanian photographers, who resonated with this project and donated from their personal collections. Sorin Onișor, Adrian Petrișor, Diana Somogyi, Răzvan Viționescu are but a few of the photographers who contributed to the making of this perpetual desk calendar.

The pictures are accompanied by quotes, which convey the spiritual wealth of Romania through such exemplary authors as Nicolae Iorga, Lucian Blaga, Liviu Rebreanu, Constantin Noica, Emil Cioran, Octavian Paler, Andrei Pleșu, Gabriel Liiceanu, Arsenie Boca, Mon. Vladimir Ghika, Nicolae Steinhardt and others.

With this calendar "Romania - Authentic Treasures" it is our wish to provide a source of inspiration to those who leaf through its pages.

Funds received from the sale of this calendar help to support the 2 major medical projects of our association: "Friends for You" - children and teens' fight against cancer in Romania, and "Correcting Strabismus" - aiming to solve this ophthalmological problem among socially disadvantaged Romanian children.
For more details please contact us by phone +40722-400 407 or e-mail: office@noiorizonturifamilia.ro

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