Ocean Treasures

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Grandpa Ene’s Storybook
The stories that Ene’s grandfather tells to Tudorel and his friends are meant to hold the children’s attention and, at the same time, to instill in them principles that underlie good behavior and appropriate behavior towards those who are like them. Through these stories, children learn how to make friends, how to be optimistic, sincere and obedient, how to help others and much more!

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The Ocean Treasures “Grandpa Ene” captures the interest through the stories told to his nephew, Tudorel. Contains six stories grouped in a single volume. Each story presents an everyday situation from which a certain lesson emerges.

The moral values ​​promoted by the volume “Ocean Treasures” include: friendship, goodwill, helping, listening, optimism, kindness and forgiveness.
You will meet a cheerful group of friends from the water world, who live in the Smooth Wave Kingdom. Guvid Gobi, shy of his kind, meets Carina, a little mermaid, and learns how to make friends. These inseparable friends enjoy all kinds of interesting adventures and discoveries, and the friendship that binds them helps them to get through many difficult situations.

Available in: Romanian and English