Friends For You

Together against cancer!

Completed Projects

Between 2006-2013 we assisted the children and young people from the oncopediatrics departments of the Oncological Institute “Prof. Dr. Alexandru Trestioreanu” and of the Fundeni Clinical Institute, in Bucharest, through the activities and shows organized for them, as well as their parents through counseling programs.
Regular visits to these wards helped us better understand the situation of these patients, the shortcomings they were facing at the time and motivated us to participate in improving hospital conditions through donations of high-performance equipment, renovation and modernization of wards. for infants and preschoolers, finding solutions at the same time so that mothers can rest in comfortable conditions with their children, hospitalized for long periods.
All we managed to achieve was the result of the involvement of many wonderful people, who did not remain passive in the face of not very generous hospital conditions for these suffering children and who chose to be the promoters of change. Thank you to everyone who got involved and thus provided an example of civility and social responsibility!

Renovation of salons at the Oncological Institute "Prof. Dr. Alexandru Trestioreanu"

Between 2007-2009 in partnership with Star Storage, DHL Romania (DHL marathon “Carpathian Relay”) and ISB we managed to renovate and modernize the guard room, 4 salons and related toilets in the oncopediatrics section of the Oncology Institute “Prof. Dr. Alexandru Trestioreanu “.

Humanitarian campaign "The race for life must go on"

Humanitarian campaign initiated in 2012 in partnership with Star Storage dedicated to improving conditions in molecular genetics laboratories for the correct and in-depth diagnosis of acute leukemias as well as for detecting infections in immunocompromised / transplanted patients by purchasing high-performance medical equipment.

Events for children in oncology departments

There are small things you can do for children who are suffering, but with an extraordinary positive impact in their lives. A smile, an encouraging word, music and dancing, a show with clowns and fairies, a story told with grace and a lot of love, magic tricks – all can become that amazing “medicine”, without contraindications and with beneficial effects for a child’s morale. or a teenager struggling with leukemia.
Leon Magdan, Fabian Sanchez, the M.A.M.E Association, Șervețel, Geta Heimerl, Dodo and Bombonica are just some of the wonderful people or teams with whom we organized interactive activities, magic shows, games, painting and music workshops.

July 2016

A magical world in the Magi Camp, which you best perceive with the eyes of the soul… Here, children with oncological diseases, enjoy life, play “hard” in a safe environment, specially created for them , with a team of volunteers dedicated to their body and soul. We were glad to be in their midst, along with our friends from the Utility Dog Club’s Animal Assisted Therapy team and furry partners. Mira, Happy, Grizzly, Ida, Maya and Gigica “taught” the children what are the first steps in training after which the “taught” theory was put into practice with good will.

And what a looong tunnel was built at the end, to the delight of Mira who went through it like an arrow… We admire you all, beautiful children and fighters, volunteers with golden souls and thank you for your invitation. We will gladly return! Thank you Auchan Drumul Taberei and all those who have chosen to support our project for these children and who have generously given all kinds of gifts for them!

Renovation and complete modernization of the wards for infants and preschoolers within the Oncopediatrics section of the Fundeni Clinical Institute

In close partnership with STAR STORAGE and REIFFEISEN BANK, we initiated in 2010 a project of complete renovation and modernization of the salons reserved for infants and preschoolers.
Within it, 4 reserves were equipped with adequate medical furniture to European standards representing: 14 beds with infusion stands, 12 folding beds for mothers, 2 changing tables, 10 bedside tables, 2 tables in reserves, 14 chairs, 8 stools, 4 cabinets , 1 sofa harvesting analysis.
The adjacent toilets were also renovated, 2 rooms were equipped with televisions and an air conditioner was installed in the ultrasound room.
In addition, we found a solution to ensure adequate rest conditions for the mothers of the little patients, by equipping the wards with folding beds, positioned under those of the children.

Donation of specific reagents for the oncopediatrics department of the Fundeni Clinical Institute

The strategy for treating acute leukemia in children, in addition to treatment with state-of-the-art drugs, also requires a thorough investigation of the genetic factors involved and a complex strategy for monitoring the response to treatment.
This donation of reagents has contributed to the implementation of new methods of molecular biology analysis, important for the detection, confirmation and follow-up of minimal residual disease in children with acute leukemia.
Tracking the minimum residual disease allows the classification of patients with acute leukemia into risk groups, which will improve the management of the disease, as well as make important medical decisions in the short and long term in order to increase the survival rate in children with acute leukemia.

Collaboration with MagiCamp and Hospice Casa Speranței

I think we are approaching the time when doctors will sometimes start “prescribing” puppies instead of medications. What pill could give us so much love, security, or stimulate a healthy laugh, motivate us to go for a walk, and help us feel useful?
(Leo K. Bustard, D.V.M. Ph. D – Founder of the Delta Society)

Ever since the two furred pals, Oli and Mira, joined our team, we wanted to organize events for children with oncological problems, in which they could play with the little patients, to delight them with their “canine” pranks, to give them the paw by sending them with such affection a message as simple as it is profound “Friend, I am with you!”. Well, this dream of ours became a reality, at MagiCamp, in Brănești, Dâmbovița County, and at the Hospice Casa Speranței camp in Adunații Copăceni, Giurgiu County, the places where many other dreams take shape.
The children were simply happy, forgetting the torturous treatments, the months spent in hospital wards and other sad scenarios that a disease like cancer can create. Through such events, they regain their confidence, strength and hope to be the victorious heroes in the fight against the disease.