Educational Projects

“I believe the day is coming when doctors will sometimes “prescribe” pets instead of pills. What pill gives so much love, makes one feel safe, stimulates laughter, encourages regular exercise and makes a person feel needed?”

(Leo K. Bustad, D.V.M.Ph.D-Founder of the Delta Society)

Non-formal education
Animal-assisted workshops

Hi, I am Victor-Florin, known by kids as “Pongo” – and with great pleasure I want to present my two friends: OLI – Golden Retriever, and MIRA – Border Collie, who have helped me achieve some wonderful projects for underprivileged children and those facing serious medical challenges. Oli and Mira are bright and very affectionate, especially with children – and full of energy.

We have discovered the incredible therapeutic effects on those who have come to know this delightful little “package.” Programs done at: Harap Alb Center for children with disabilities, three annual editions of “World Day for Diabetes” at Marie Curie Hospital, “Special Champions” – a sports event organized for children with special needs, as well as numerous educational performances at schools and kindergartens, have shown this to be true.

Over the years we have had many collaborations with various organizations of dog-lovers, but I would like to make special mention of the great team at “Clubul Câinilor Utilitari” (Club of Service Dogs) with whom we have had enjoyable and magical moments for young and old alike.

We kindly invite you to partake in the activities of Oli & Mira organized by our association. For details concerning these events please call me at 0743804765 or visit my Facebook page