Friends for you

When you are sick, you appreciate that someone is by your side, to help you, to encourage you, to simply convey to you through his attitude that, in those difficult moments, he is a FRIEND for you. All the more you appreciate its presence, when the disease spreads over a long period, exhausting you physically and emotionally as it happens in the case of children and adolescents diagnosed with oncological diseases.

Friends for you” is a medical project dedicated to people facing oncological diseases.

Ongoing projects

From 2013 until now we have taken over individual cases that we have supported financially and emotionally in the fight against cancer.

Many of these children or adolescents have undergone expensive treatments in clinics abroad and therefore for their benefit we have organized charity concerts, running races and other fundraising.
Mihai D., Andreea P., Darius S., Vlad, Alin, Alina B., Melisa, Matei D., Ana O., Cosmin N. and Aki M. are just some of the children we have connected with through this program.

“There is a light in this world, a healing spirit stronger than any darkness we can encounter. Sometimes we lose sight of this force, especially when we see suffering and a lot of pain. Then, suddenly, the spirit comes to light through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and respond to it in extraordinary ways.”

Mother Teresa