Social Projects

Friendship, education through play, love and joy are just some of the key words that motivated us to organize events for children in rural areas and for those who come from day care centers, special schools, family-type social apartments. I wanted them to feel loved, appreciated and thus to take wings to fly as high as possible, reaching their potential and then with that positive energy to have the strength to change the world around them in a more beautiful, better place…



470 children enjoyed camps at sea and in the mountains. For many of them it was the first contact with the Black Sea or with the beauty of our Carpathians.

Alexandru, 13 years old: “On the way to the sea, I was very excited to see the sea for the first time in my life and I was looking forward to it. At sea I liked absolutely everything: accommodation, meals, games and fun activities, guitar songs. I really enjoyed being in the water, when I was diving, when the big waves were jumping, how the sand slipped under my feet and how I gathered shells. I was glad I made new friends. For me, everything was a beautiful dream and I will always remember these wonderful days. I thank God and all those who contributed to this organization, that I was able to reach the sea.



Socio-educational excursions

In nature, at museums or at the companies of our partners (Chipita Romania, Strauss Romania, Heidi, Henri Coanda Airport, etc.), educational trips were a unique experience for children, helping them to enrich their general culture.

They brought them into contact with professionals with wonderful souls, who shared with them the secrets of their profession, who were involved with all their hearts in organizing these events and who, giving up a few good hours of their daily work, chose to they spend emotional moments with their little visitors.




10,460 children, of happy souls… is overwhelming the feeling of fulfillment that embraces you when you see in front of you the radiant faces of children who fully taste every moment of the event prepared for them with much love by our team. Music, interactive games, dances, tricks with Oli and Mira, surprise guests, gifts but especially PURE EMOTION


Swimming lessons

90 children from different day care centers and from families in difficulty in sector 3, the children benefited from swimming lessons at the Dante Alighieri pool.



Visiting our “grandparents”

We have planted gratitude and hope in the hearts of out grandparents from the Centers for the Elderly in Ghergani, Dâmbovița County, Sf. Vasile, Bucharest, Casa Max, Bucharest. The grandparents, of whom the oldest person was 98 years old, enjoyed themselves as children and the children from different schools in Bucharest, who accompanied us, hugged them like their own grandparents. There were magical moments… The purity of the children’s souls, the songs played on the saxophone, the presence of Oli and Mira, the gifts offered by the children at the end of the event, all these created a special atmosphere, like in a big family.



Supporting social families

They regularly receive support for their children in the form of products in the last 10 years: school supplies, basic food, footwear, clothing as well as financial support for further studies or in solving the household situations they faced.