Step by step – Character development course for children

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The “Step by Step” program is a complete personal development course for children, dealing with topics essential for a harmonious and balanced development of the character of our children. It can be implemented at home or at school, in camps or workshops, by parents, counselors, educators or teachers. The course aims at the primary level of education, but can also be adapted and used for younger or older children.
The 21 topics of the course are presented in an attractive and interactive way, involving children through stories, questions and discussion points, as well as through activities and practical projects. The stories create the perfect setting for group reflection and discussion on the topic proposed for the study.

Available in: Romanian

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How do we resolve a conflict and what is altruism? How can we live generously in our daily lives? What does perseverance mean and how do we make friends? The STEP BY STEP program answers these questions and more through interactive stories and activities designed specifically for children.
Give children the opportunity to form a set of moral values, the ability to distinguish between good and evil, from making the right decisions when you can’t be with them, through the 21 chapters in this book. Each chapter is another step toward building a strong character.
The STEP BY STEP character training program is a unique series of stories and interactive activities designed to create and develop the skills needed for a balanced life. This program can be used at home or at school by parents, counselors, teachers or educators. Each chapter focuses on developing a skill or character trait needed to build self-confidence. The main objective of the program is to train the character of the little ones, so that they will be able to build a happy life, full of satisfaction, living in peace and harmony with those around them.

Available in: Romanian